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Comprehensive Introductory Permanent Makeup Training Class

Advanced Classes

Skin Needling and Areola Repigmentation
Techniques for Lip, Eyeliner & Brows
Corrective Pigment Camouflage and Repigmentation

Private Consultation

1 hour phone consult with IIPC Instructor
1 hour phone consult with Susan Church

The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics is the most trusted provider of Permanent Cosmetics Education and offers the widest selection of Permanent Make Up Supplies in the Industry.

From Beginning Technicians to the most Advanced Permanent Cosmetic Artists, we are the #1 source for all of your permanent makeup needs. Together,
Permanent Makeup and IIPC provide industry-leading service and the best prices on
cutting edge supplies from the most trusted brands in Permanent Cosmetics. Try us today, and see what the buzz is all about!

Comprehensive Training Class

A Career In Permanent Cosmetics Can Be Yours!

Since its inception in 1989, the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics (IIPC) has been considered the trailblazer and leader in the Permanent Cosmetic Makeup industry. IIPC has educated and graduated thousands of Permanent Cosmetics Technicians, teaching them the first-class skills and knowledge it takes to be successful in the industry.

IIPC has always held itself to higher standards than those suggested by other organizations or learning facilities. Our comprehensive Introductory Training Course has grown along with the Permanent Cosmetics industry to incorporate the constant flow of new information and developments and to make sure that students are receiving the training they need in order to safely and effectively perform their procedures. At first comprised of three sessions, IIPCs Introductory Training Course expanded to five and now a sixth day on Bloodborne Pathogens and Exposure Control has been added to the curriculum, to ensure that graduates are well-rounded and thoroughly informed on safety issues.

The information-packed classes taught by IIPCs world-renowned instructors is reason enough to enroll at the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics, but there are so many more benefits in becoming a part of the IIPC family:

Course Repeat Policy: As a graduate of IIPCs Introductory Training Course, you have the option to come back and repeat any or all of the Comprehensive Introductory Course, as many times as you like for up to one year after taking the class free of charge! The Introductory Training Course will be thebasis of your education and future career, and IIPC wants to make sure you have taken as much as possible from the classes.

Discount on Advanced Classes: All IIPC graduates will receive $200 off of each IIPC Advanced Training Courses they enroll in. Continue your education by learning Skin and Facial Needling, 3-dimensional eyebrow and lip techniques, Areola Repigmentation, Scar Relaxation and so much more!

Comprehensive and Thorough Education: With pre-study and in-class hours combined, students receive 135 hours of instruction in Permanent Cosmetic Makeup. You will learn the foundations of the industry Eyebrow Hair Simulation, Lash Enhancement, Eyeliner, Beauty Marks and Lip Liner, as well as how to execute these procedures using all four methods; the digital machine, the coil machine,the rotary machine and the hand method. Other Permanent Cosmetics learning facilities may offer a similar curriculum, but graduating from IIPC will give you the credibility you need to begin establishing the reputation and clientele you want for yourself and your business. In the world of Permanent Cosmetics education, IIPC is the Ivy League.

The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics knows what it takes to create successful technicians through higher education. Our unique structure and small class sizes enable students to receive the personal attention they need while allowing the instructors to ensure that each IIPC graduate has mastered the course material and is well qualified to start their career.

The Permanent Cosmetics industry looks to IIPC to set and improve the educational standards that exist in the community. Start your career out right by learning from the experts. Take advantage of the incredible value of IIPCs Introductory Training Course by enrolling today. Financial assistance is available. Get ahead of the competition with the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics!

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Comprehensive Introductory Permanent Makeup Artist Training Class
Your Price: $7,500.Call 1.800.282.0577. For Enrollment
Comprehensive Introductory Permanent Makeup Artist Training Class
Introduction to the world Permanent Cosmetics, taught by world-renown Permanent Makeup authority Susan Church. 6 days, 135 hours of training. Includes instruction in hands-on application.
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