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The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics is the most trusted provider of Permanent Cosmetics Education and offers the widest selection of Permanent Make Up Supplies in the Industry.

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SQ³ Micropigmentation Kit

Retail Price: $495.00
Your Price: $394.99
You Save: $100.01
Item Number: MC7000KIT
Manufacturer: MEI-CHA


SQ³ ™

Introducing Mei-Cha’s newest P.M.U. device with Revolutionary and Patented MicroStream™ Needles!  Utilizing a German Engineered Motor, the new SQ3 offers some of the highest power and torque of any machine on the market today without having to pay thousands for it!  Get up to 10,200RPM with torque of 1.6-2mNm!

Patented MicroStream HD ™ Needle:

Our patented Permanent Safety Wall design seals off the needle permanently from the upper chamber and motor sectioneliminating the possibility of back flow and cross contamination!

Best of all – SIMPLE ASSEMBLY, no coupler or sponge to deal with!  Just remove your disposable needle assembly from the sterilized package and with a few turns onto the motor housing, you’re ready to go!

Revolutionary MicroStream HD ™ Needle Tip

Precise pigment Implantation each and every time!  Our patented MicroStream™ Needle Tip releases pigment with unmatched precision, thus depositing pigment with no splatter and no waste of pigment!

Our “I” Needle Chambers are custom designed for each Mei-Cha needle size, thus stabilizing needle movement for absolute free needle vibration!

MicroStream HD™ Needle

• World's first MicroStream HD™ Needle design
• Exclusive MicroStream needle tip
• Patented worldwide
• Sterile & disposable
• Needles available in round, flat and magnum
• HD™ Hygienic Design with optimum safety protection
• Individually pre-packaged needles, with color coded casing for easier needle size identification
• Complies with Health Authority requirements

SQ³ ™ Micropigmentation Kit


Deluxe Storage Case Includes:

1 SQ³ ™ Micropigmentation Device
1 Adaptor, Universal Version 110V/240V, UL & CE Approved
1 SQ³ ™ LED Speed Control
3 MicroStream HD™ Needles, Triple Prong
2 MicroStream HD™ Needles, Five Prong
1 Lubricant

Due to the nature of this product absolutely NO returns, refunds, or exchanges are accepted.

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